One in Ten Thousand Signs

UC All-Mandarin Sign

We can hear you: as you step off the plane, you hit the terminal building, with all signs bilingual leading you to immigration, customs, and the taxi rank — and halfway through you are hit by a huge sign in loads of complex characters which seem to scream to you — some — secret message you have no idea what it must be.

As it’s in Chinese only.

And given the chance that Chinese has over ten thousand characters, the chances of you actually understanding that sign is equally as scary — one in ten thousand.

Well, no further. One in Ten Thousand Signs, an exclusive on Unhyped China, brings you a look at all the messages in China and helps you out of the mess. Beginning November 2014, we’ll pick two signs per weekend and clue you in on what these signs must mean.

Because the last thing we want you to do is to just stare at those signs, totally lost. It gets you nowhere.