Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap Beijing

This could be the crown jewel of Unhyped China: Mind the Gap — in other words, taking a look at “what you think could be China”, and “what the real China is”.

Some of us coming in from the West might wonder what point there is to be briefed about “the truth” in a communist country in East Asia — and to come up with outdated preconceptions before landing in China, only returning to their native countries completely gobsmacked by what the real China really is. There are no minders in China; only the most buck-naked truth, or reality, rather, in this nation where numbers and dimensions run everything.

In our Mind the Gap series, we take a look at the gap — between the China “you think it is” and the China “that really is”. We have done this with virtually no outside assistance, with only our eyes, at times not even with a local friend or family member, at times in parts few outsiders go to — just to give you an idea of China, as-is.

This feature will begin shortly.