UC Features

Here’s what makes Unhyped China unique: the features list.

  • Mind the Gap: A collection of posts that shows you The Gap — your misconceptions about the country, debunked by reality in the Middle Kingdom as-is.
  • As-Is Guides: Written in plain English everyone understand, these are the must-have guides to make everything from picking up a visa to getting a Chinese “foreign experts” licence secured.
  • Step-by-Step Guides: These guides are made to be easy, simple, brief, and to be followed step by step.
  • The Writing on the Wall: Ever travelled around China and been puzzled by those almost ubiquitous white-on-red propaganda banners hanging over motorway bridges? Here’s a quick guide to what the official writing is on the wall. Updated weekly.
  • One in Ten Thousand Signs: Found Chinese (as in the language) horrifyingly hard to understand? No fear — as we show you the language around, signpost by signpost.
  • Green China: Here’s how to live in China greener, cleaner, and ultimately leaving the country in a better state for the next generation.