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When you think about China, what do you think of, right off the top of your head?

People. Pollution. Confucius. Communism. Poverty. The Great Wall. Tian’anmen. The Terracotta Warriors.

That’s part of the truth. It’s the China most of the West is sold is China. To some extents, it’s not wrong; but there’s a lot of truthiness to it all. In other words, things you think must be true, when it might not really be the case…

  • They say China is all about the people and the crowds, yet some country highways are miles removed from civilisation and make you wonder if you were in Europe.
  • They say China is hopelessly polluted, yet the country is paying lots of attention in harnessing the sun and the wind to create power for all residents.
  • They say China is all about Confucius, Feng Shui, and Taoism, but wait — there’s more: Buddhism, the Art of War, Lu Xun’s novels, Lao She’s recount of Beijing, and more.
  • They say China is communist; yes, there are open sightings of slogan banners and the inevitable sickle-and-hammer, but the population is increasingly taking an active role as well.
  • They say China is poor, and yes, while some parts of the country do need major improvements, other parts are of the calibre that will give London and New York a run for their money.
  • They say China is about the Great Wall, and most default to Badaling, but did you know about the bit by a reservoir near Beijing? Or about the parts with the best views?
  • They say China is about Tian’anmen; some will of course also remember the events that have fixed this square into Chinese history. And yet, this is just one part of Beijing.
  • And they also say China also has the Terracotta Warriors. True, but there’s much more. We’ve Mt Everest, the Tibetan plateau, plenty of mountains with gorgeous views, and much more.

At Unhyped China, we present to you China without the hypes. We show you China as-is — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the new. We make no attempt to “hide the bad”; we’re upfront and admit that China, like any country, has its fair share issues and concerns. But we’re also not going to a “China-basher”; we’re honest and give the country credit for its real, tangible improvements.

One of the TV programmes the founder of this site, David Feng, loves the most, is euronews’s flagship programme No Comment. They just let the camera roll, no presenter or commentator present, and let you judge what you’re seeing for yourself. We’d like to think this site is doing much the same as well. We’ll show you China as-is; you call the shots.

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