Beijing Capital International Airport: Second Busiest — Five Years in a Row


Statistics from today’s Beijing Daily show Beijing’s Capital International Airport busy as ever in 2014, serving 86.128 million passengers. This is a 2.9% growth on the 2013 figures. These figures keep Beijing Capital as the world’s second busiest airport, next only to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the United States. This remains so even in spite of cases where airplanes had to be diverted to nearby airports in Tianjin and Hebei.

Goods-wise, over 1.848 million tonnes of goods and posts were handled by the airport — that’s an increase of 0.2%. The airport recorded over 582,000 aircraft departures and arrivals, 2.5% than 2013. When it comes to parking, in spite of more frequent services by the Airport Express subway service, cars were still the main means of transport, with over 10 million cars using the airport’s car parks, a new record at that. Three new international destinations were served by PEK in the past year, with improvements to services on 14 routes.

Over 40,000 passengers took advantage of the 72-hour visa waiver, good for most EU, EEA and Swiss nationals and citizens from the Western Hemisphere, amongst others. In 2014, over 20.73 million international visitors landed at Beijing Airport.

Whilst the new, four-runway Beijing New Airport is being built on the southernmost outskirts of town, the city’s current airport is still improving services in spite of running close to capacity. On 01 January 2015, international transfers were improved at Terminal 2 so that passengers need now only a minimum transfer period of 100 minutes (60 minutes for transfers between domestic flights).

96 airline companies currently fly to Beijing Capital International Airport, including most carriers from the world’s three big air alliances. 244 destinations in 54 countries and territories are served from the airport. When the new airport opens for operations in late 2019, these figures are likely to see a visible increase.

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