Happy New Year China!

PRC 2015

Unhyped China wishes everyone a great start to 2015.

The year 2015 will remain an exciting year for China. One of the most key developments in the country will have to be how it will shape its next five years as the next Five-Year Plan (13th, 2016–2020) is being done. Provided President Xi Jinping gets a second term in the key political sessions in 2017 and 2018, this will be the sole five-year plan to be completed with Xi in power at the start and at the end. Himself being known for being how serious with how things are realised, everyone will be looking at how serious the plans are being taken.

2015 will also be also pretty big on international fronts for China: The first time London and Beijing started talking was in 1950, although full ties were only reality in 1972. Switzerland, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sweden, Denmark, Myanmar, Liechtenstein, Finland, and India will celebrate their 65th year of diplomatic ties with China; Afghanistan and Nepal (and also the former Yugoslavia, since dissolved) will have been talking with Beijing officially for 60 years; Ghana, Cuba, Mali and Somalia (then as the Somali Republic) will celebrate their 55th year of diplomatic relations with the PRC; and Mauritania will have had full ties with the PRC for 50 years.

There’s a lot of what’s happening to China in the year 2015, and we’re sure we’re in for some extra surprises (hopefully positive!) along the way. Stay tuned to Unhyped China whilst we continue to expand this website throughout the year, along with networked sites Tracking China for railway and city metro info and techblog86 for tech news.

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