APEC Means Stricter Car Restrictions for Beijing and Surroundings

UC Jams

Strict rules will apply from 03 November 2014 through to 12 November 2014. During this time, all cars throughout the entire municipality of Beijing will have to observe more strict limits.

The date on which your car will be allowed public road access will depend on the last digit of your car’s number plate. If it ends in an odd numeral, you can only drive it on odd days (thus, number plate 12345 will be allowed access on 05 November); if it’s even at the end, you can use it only on even days. If you have a six-figure plate, you are regarded as a vehicle with a plate ending in an even numeral.

To allow for a quick inter-day transition period, these rules are relaxed between 00:00 and 03:00 every day, but this does not apply for vehicles transporting earth, dangerous items, or non-low emission vehicles. Restrictions are stricter around urban Huairou and for cars with plates not from Beijing (for these vehicles, you cannot drive between 07:00–09:00 and 17:00–20:00 on any day, and you are also banned inside the 6th Ring Road, although the ban does not apply to that orbital).

Exceptions are made for intercity coaches, post lorries, emergency vehicles, and vehicles holding an APEC passage permit. Penalties per violation will be CNY 100.—; no demerit points are taken away.

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