Beijing Population Figures for 2013: 21 Million Strong

UC Beijing Population.

21.148 million people in Beijing. You thought this was Shanghai? Nope, this is the Jing, the capital, where it all happens.

Official statistics from the city’s statistics bureau, as well that from the statistic bureau at the national level, have found that the city is growing at a huge rate, and that a sizeable percentage of people need to be cared for, as they are seniors.

Here are the statistics:

  • Only 9% live in “eco” areas (that’s already 1.899 million already)
  • Where “working age” is defined as between ages 15-64, 81.3% (17.2 million) are of working age in Beijing
  • 13.9% (2.929 million) are over 60; 9.2% (1.945 million) are over 65
  • On the other end, there are just over 2 million people aged zero to 14

Much of the city is still a Beijing of Beijingers, although nearly 40% of the city residents are from places outside of Beijing by hukou household registration.

35.1% of people in Beijing have at least some kind of university education, even if it’s an associate’s degree. This is an increase of 3% over the past year.

Finally, in terms of consumption, 31.6% of these are given to the service industry.

More details (in simplified Chinese) are available at the official Beijing government web site

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